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Providing Cutting Edge
Fence Security Solutions

Motor Dealerships

We are experiencing more intrusions through fences into motor dealerships, without any alarm raised, and subsequent vehicle thefts.  Fences are breached and bypassed without detection.  Lixodex fence intrusions detection sensors can stop this.


Warehouses with extended perimeters are finding their fences being cut, access gained and assets stolen.  This is a perfect application for Lixodex fence intrusion detection sensors.

Shopping Centres

With extended perimeters, response teams only know about an intrusion when the intruders are in the retail store. Response teams do not have a location as to where the perimeter was breached, as that is normally the place where stock is moving out of the shopping perimeter.  See how Lixodex on Google maps solves this issue.

Office Parks

Alarms go off when the intruders are already inside an office. Response teams do not know where the perimeter was breach.  They do not know where to block and retrieve stolen goods.  Lixodex solves this with sensors and Google maps on your mobile phone.

Lixodex Fence Sensors improves fence security solutions by connecting sensors too mesh, palisade, Bonnox and game fences.

When an intruder climbs over or breaks through a fence a radio alarm is sent to Google Maps for you or your security personnel’s immediate and accurate reaction.


Intuitive To Use

Lixodex brings security intelligence to your mobile phone, tablet and computer using Google Maps’ intuitive interface, where ever you are on your property or in your country or the world.


Internet Of Things (IOT)

Lixodex leverages the latest technologies providing 4th generation IOT technology and related pricing points.


Property Wide

Lixodex sensors include fence intrusion detectors, passive infrared sensors, trip wires and in-field connectors allowing signals from a wide range of security devices to feed information into the Lixodex RF system.


Tactical Deployment

Lixodex sensors can be installed as permanent installations or as tactical installations where sensors can be moved from one area to the next according to the threat being monitored.

Benefits of Lixodex
Fence Security Solutions

Lixodex makes use of algorithms that has been developed over many years, and can be adjusted over the air for any application.

Quick installation

Multi years life time battery powered sensors can be deployed rapidly. There are no cables involved.


Long distance

Lixodex sensors can be as far as 4 km from the gateway in a built up area and as far as 10 km in a rural area depending on the topology of the land.


Monitor from anywhere

All alarm infomation is stored on a Cloud platform and alarms and their status can be viewed on Google Maps  if you have access rights to the specific site.  View on your phone or computer.


Over the air settings

Lixodex sensors can be adjusted over the air for sensitivity as different part of  a fence are exposed to different environmental factors that require different settings.

Lixodex System Components

Lixodex security solutions sensor

Lixodex sensor

Lixodex security solutions gateway

Lixodex Gateway

Lixodex security solutions cloud

 Lixodex Cloud System

Lixodex security solutions mobile phone, google maps

Why Layered Security

Is The Most Reliable Security

Layered security, also known as layered defense, describes the practice of combining multiple mitigating security controls to protect people and assets.

This is similarity to defence in depth, a military strategy that involves multiple layers of defense that resist rapid penetration by an insurgent. As the incursion progresses, resources are applied and progress is slowed until it is halted and turned back.

Lixodex combines sensors from the fence to sensors scattered throughout a campus or estate to detect intrusions and then to detect the location of intruders while resources are deployed to deal with the intrusion.  Lixodex allow sensors to be installed permanently or to be moved around as part of a tactical plan.

Mobile Command And Control

Lixodex integrates mobile phones, tablets and computers  to deliver critical operational information and a real time security picture to security personnel in the field.  Each sensor and each alarm is shown on Google Maps.  Response teams can deploy immediately to the exact location.


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