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Price considerations for
Fence Security Solutions

Lixodex Fence Sensors improves fence security by connecting sensors to mesh, palisade, Bonnox and game fences. Price is dependent on a number of considerations, and we will happily provide you with a written proposal.



Fence type and construction and Price

Different fences behave differently, but in general steel containing fences works well with Lixodex. What needs to be considered is the construction of the fence in terms of fence posts and supports.

Fence length and Price

The fence type and construction will determine how often sensors need to be placed, the fence length to be covered will determine the number of sensors.


Layout of the land and area influence on Price

The layout of the land, topography, distances etc. determines the number of gateways required to hall data back to the internet.


Monitoring included

Lixodex sensors can be monitored from anywhere in the world and from more than one device, mobile phones, tablets, computers and from other applications given that the necessary API is available on the application you are using.

Mobile Command And Control

Lixodex integrates mobile phones, tablets and computers  to deliver critical operational information and a real time security picture to security personnel in the field.

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