Lixodex Perimeter Security Installations

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Lixodex Security Installations uses vibration-sensitive sensors designed to provide high-performance intruder detection capability when deployed on fences or other barriers used to define the perimeter of a secure site. 

The development of Lixodex dates back to the first fiber optic cable sensors and their later development over the years to determine algorithms that provide high detection and low fault alarms.  The knowledge was accumulated over more than 30 years of field experience with intrusion detection systems.

Vibration sensing technology applied to fence structures constitutes by far the most widely used and cost-effective method of intrusion detection.

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Perimeter Security Installation


Lixodex makes it quick and easy to install perimeter security installations, based on well-established engineering principles carefully chosen to ensure maximum detection performance. The ease of roll out is based on  proprietary Radio Communication with each sensor over distances of up to 10 kilometer.  A sensor is literally attached to a fence and immediately forms part of the sensor barrier visible on Google maps under security access on any device.  

You do not need to be an electronic technician to install Lixodex, a farmer, a security installer, any one who can use a hand tool and a web browser can install lixodex.

Lixodex perimeter security sensors can be individually or combined set according to area conditions over the air from our  support center in Pretoria, that is any sensor in any country.

Lixodex is directly attached to fences or other perimeter barriers using stainless steel cable ties, hog ties, torque breakaway bolts or shear bots.

Fence materials and design determines the placement of sensors taking into consideration corners,  discontinuities etc.  On welded mesh fences one typically place a sensor on every second panel and on game fences sensors may be as far as 50 meter apart.

Perimeter security sensors are battery driven with long life 3.6Volt 2,700 mAh batteries, allowing very long battery life as the sensor is mostly in rest mode where it costumes a couple of micro ampere per hour.  That means there are no cables saving costs and saving installation time.

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Lixodex Perimeter Security Installations are Applicable to virtually all fence constructions

Warehouse walls with Lixodex perimeter security sensors

Applicable to walls, standard walls as well as steel sheeting (warehouses)


The Lixodex perimeter security installations closes a significant gap in the perimeter intrusion detection system marketplace by providing being capable of detecting intrusions on walls when set to the appropriate sensitivity settings.

Lixodex sensors capable of detecting mechanical vibration transmitted along the wall as an intruder (or escapee) attempts to climb over or break through the wall. The system provides detection of hostile activity before the intruder manages to breach or climb over the wall. As all security professionals are aware, early detection of hostile activity reduces the probability of loss or damage as a result of the activity.

These sensors are deployed along the wall at intervals of typically to the type of wall construction.  Examples of such hostile activities might include unaided climbing, rope or ladder aided climbing, drilling, chiselling, or digging under the wall.

Historically, protection of perimeter walls has relied on technologies such as active/passive infra-red detection, microwave detection, video motion detection, or systems requiring additional structures such as fences to be attached to the wall to achieve detection.

Lixodex offers significant advantages over such technologies in that it is virtually covert and causes minimal aesthetic impact, it requires no power distribution along the perimeter wall, it is not limited to straight lines of detection as are infra-red, microwave, and video detection technologies, and it requires no maintenance of sterile areas adjacent to the wall.

Wall installation

Wall Security Installations

Once again the fact that no cables are involved makes installation quick.   If the sensors are installed inside a building a gateway connecting to the internet is required, where a number of redundant options are available.

Surface mounted sensors are fixed to the wall using plugs and screws or in the case of sheet metal rivets can be used. 

Perimeter Security


Technical Advantages in Security Installations





These sensors can be set so sensitive in security installations that when someone places an object on a desk an alarm is generated, to less sensitive settings on fences exposed to windy conditions where sensors can differentiate between movement caused by wind and intrusion movements. 


Unaffected by moisture penetration


Sensor are sealed off in the sensor housing keeping it clear of dust and moisture as there are no cables entering or leaving the sensor enclosure.


Immunity To Electromagnetic Interference (EMI)


Sensors communicate with gateways over long distances using a wide frequency spread on a carrier frequency that makes jamming extremely difficult.  Each transmitted message carries information that is used to determine if it is unique and from a trusted source so that false data can not be introduced without being discarded.


Resilient To Lightning Induced Damage


The sensor housing insulates it against the metal parts of fences and therefore lightning damage.


Simple Replacement


Sensors are easily swapped out should one need replacement allowing no gaps in defence.


Highly Reliable


The sensors are designed and manufactured to have a life of up to 10 years dependent on the settings selected for the specific installation, while the typical life time is between 3 to 5 years.


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  • Lixodex security installations makes use of algorithms that have been developed over many years, and can be adjusted over the air for any application.
  • Quick installation.
  • Multi years life time battery powered sensors can be deployed rapidly. There are no cables involved.
  • Long distance
  • Lixodex sensors can be as far as 4 km from the gateway in a built up area and as far as 10 km in a rural area depending on the topology of the land.
  • Monitor from anywhere.
  • All alarm information is stored on a Cloud platform and alarms and their status can be viewed on Google Maps  if you have access rights to the specific site.  View on your phone or computer.
  • Over the air settings.
  • Lixodex sensors can be adjusted over the air for sensitivity as different part of  a fence are exposed to different environmental factors that require different settings.
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Perimeter Security Installation Made Easy, Reliable and Affordable.

The easiest and most reliable fence sensors ever installed!


  • Ready for installation using standard fasteners. (Shear bolts, hog rings, etc.)
  • Hardware and software Alarm Filtration – Extreme low false alarm rate.
  • Protects fences as high or higher than 3m 
  • No training or special tools needed. It comes with an electronic installation manual.
  • Calibration – Each sensor can be calibrated individually or an optimum setting can be rolled out over the air, or any combination is possible.
  • Maintenance free – depending on settings selected the sensor batteries last between 3 and 5 years.
  • Many flexible levels of sensitivity per sensor easily adjusted over the air.
  • Standard user interface – web app making use of Google Maps accessible from a web browser under security access control.
  • Access control is differentiated between personnel who can receive a sms and view the location of the alarm for accurate reaction purposes, and owners/managers who have the additional right to reset an alarm condition.
  • Cloud system message relay – it is possible to send alarm information to any other system given the necessary API information of the recipient systems.
  • Distances between sensors and gateways up to 10 km depending on the terrain.
  • Gateways connect to the internet through GSM data or through a RJ45 LAN connection to the internet switch.
  • Gateway power 220V or Solar panels and batteries with DC feed to the Gateway.
  • Ideal for installation on most fences and walls.

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